Who is Libby Stein?

Libby Stein was raised in Toronto, Ontario.  Her hobbies are photography and the arts.  She has explored many beautiful scenic areas of Ontario and has managed to capture a stunning vision in each and every illustration presented in her books.  She is now pursuing in a career in children’s literature, as she adores writing for the child’s curious mind, to share her many childhood adventures, some real~life experiences and some fantasy.

Libby comes from a family who loves to write. Her mother, Irene Paparo~Stein, who wrote the book called “Cities Under Siege.”  It was a true story based on true events.  The story is about the environment, people, and politics ~ a very outstanding, interesting and educational book.

You could say it’s in her genetics to write.  Her stories are fun, whimsical, educational and easy to read.

Why did you start writing children’s storybooks?

“When I grew up, my life was shaped by the magical stories I read and that were read to me and the exciting worlds they allowed me to escape to,” explains Libby.  “Looking at the young people in my life today, I started to notice that when I was sitting down with Mom and Dad before bedtime to absorb a good book was something of a distant memory.

Knowing how life~changing and influential this can be, I challenged myself to write a series of books that were fun, contained serious life lessons and could hopefully take children away from technology to see the world through literature’s boundless eyes.”~

What are the books about?

“Each book gives children something special to look forward to.   For example, Barbara and Bridget will ignite a fire for REAL adventure by pushing boundaries in ‘The Dark and Gloomy Night.’  In ‘Willy the Kid, The Pollution Fighter,’ I literally lay out a plan for children to use their minds and boost their energy levels by participating  in  cleaning up  their environment  by following simple steps.

‘MURRAY AND THE FURRY JURY AT CHRISTMASTIME,’ also plays on the theme of respecting all living creatures by keeping away from extinction and the need to preserve nature  and all living creatures that walk on the beauty of our land.

Where can I buy your books?

You can purchase Libby’s storybooks in e~Book format from this website.  Hardcopies of her books are available on amazon.ca and amazon.com.