About the Author

Libby Stein was born in the city of Toronto, Canada.  She grew up in the suburban countryside’s of Toronto, that offers lakes, trails, and forests, and wildlife everywhere.  She was taught to respect all living things ~ creatures that walk on the beauty of our land, which shows in her kindred~spirit type of writing in all of her wonderful stories.  Libby is a writer of children’s literature.  She brings to you her stories that are are factual and puts them into creative whimsical story~telling, always with a twist of fantasy and adventure.

In her beautifully~illustrated storybooks, she expresses her many creatives ideas that arise from her childhood and real~life experiences, growing up with her twin sister and her mother, who was an environmentalist/author, and whom she gained a great deal of knowledge and unforgettable memories from.

Storybooks For Kids of All Ages