Murry and the Furry Jury At Christmastime'


‘MURRAY AND THE FURRY JURY AT CHRISTMASTIME’ – A warm and innovative look how animals are treated and to appreciate all living things whether large or small. Murray is a kind and caring man who agrees, but has been wrongly accused by a group of animals dressed up as bandits who take the law into their own hands. By representing all of the animal kingdom, but unfortunately they had made a terrible mistake. The story has a furry jury, a judge and a ‘Christmas’ ending you won’t forget.

Will The Kid, The Pollution Fighter

Willy The Kid, The Pollution Fighter

‘Willy the Kid, The Pollution Fighter’ – This story is based on fiction and it is about a young boy named Willy, also known as “Willy The Kid.” Even though the story is fiction, there is a lot of truth to this story that is realistic to real life. Willy is a ten-year-old boy who wants to clean up his town by getting rid of pollution and other harmful effects society and wildlife faces today. This is an easy-to-read story, and there is even a guide to follow on how to clean up your town.

The Dark and Gloomy Night

The Dark and Gloomy Night

‘The Dark and Gloomy Night’ – Twin sisters named Barbara and Bridget love spooky adventures. The story begins as a ‘Scare Night’ which is the twins’ adventure before Halloween. it involves witchcraft, ghosts and takes the twins into a whole different world, not at all what the girls expected IN this adventure. The story is scary, humorous, and fun to read.